Guardians Republican International Inc.

Regional Headquarters R8

Sunday, January 17, 2010


P/Supt. Carlito “SGF STORM” Gallardo
Regional adviser

Ryan “ MFSRMG 3:16 “ Enage
Master Founder
Regional President Ro. 8

Gary “FSRMG MOLAVE” Cabidog
Regional Vice President for Operation

Regional Vice President for

James “FSRMG Ji” Retes
Regional Secretary General
Official Marker

PO3. Aldrin “GRF SEAILOR” Verallo
Regional Secretary for Operation

PO1. Jeffy “FGGF BALTAZAR” Parut
Regional Secretary for Intelligence

Cesar “FSRMG PIEZES “Sabalza
Regional Secretary for Logistics

Kristoffer Ian “FSPRMG Zebra” Villalino
Regional Secretary for Finance & Treasurer

Emelly “FSRMG MILS” Enage
Regional Secretary for Audit

Gil “RMG KUROG” Calina Jr.
Regional Secretary for PRO & Media


We, the officers and members of Guardians Republican International Inc., imbued with the desire of protecting and maintaining the standards, thrusts and goals of the Guardians Movement, and imploring the aid of the Devine Providence and the blessing of democracy: in order to establish an organization that shall inculcate the spirit of brotherhood, service to the community, justice, peace, discipline and do hereby promulgate this Constitution and By-laws.



Section 1. The name of the organization shall be:

Section 2. Every letter of the word “GUARDIANS REPUBLICAN” represents the following

G - Gentlemen - Mga Maginoo
U - United - at Nagkakaisang
A - Associated - Katuwang
R - Race - Lahing Pilipino
D - Dauntless - Magigiting at
I - Ingenious - Matatapat na
A - Advocator - Tagapagtanggol ng
N - Nation - Bansa at
S - Society - Lipunan

R - Righteous - Makatarungan na
E - Emancipator of - Tagapagtanggol ng
P - People - Taong Bayan
U - United - Nagkakaisa at
B - Brave - Matapang
L - Legitimate - Lehitimo at
I - Ingenious to the - Matapat sa
C - Constitution and - Saligang Batas at
A - Advocator of - Tagapagtanggol ng
N - Nation - Bansa

M - Magestrate – Mga Mahistrado ng
A - Advocator – Tagapagtanggol ng
G - Grievances – Naapi at
I - Impotent – Walang Lakas na
C - Citizen – Mamamayan

Section 3. The National headquarters of the Republican shall be located in Los BaƱos, Laguna and sub-offices shall be established in any other appropriate place, wherein any particular unit is assigned.

Section 4. All members of the organization shall propagate the motto: “HANGGANG SA HULING PATAK NG DUGO NG GUARDIANS.”
Section 5. SEAL or LOGO



Section 1. The members of the organization shall adhere to and espouse the following tenets:

A. Service to the country and fellowmen through strong brotherhood.
B. It shall be both a duty and a right to make a firm stand for a legitimate cause,
C. Whatever it may cost, for the best interest of the country, community and the organization.

Section 2. The main objective of the organization shall be to unite, develop, support and maintain the true sprint of brotherhood among members, in order to provide effective service to the community and address common interest and concerns of the members. Thus, achieving a sustainable development for our people, as a non-government organization for peace and prosperity

Section 3. The organization shall pursue the following principles:

A. To lend its collective will and strength in support of the needy and the oppressed, or those who have generally less in life;
B. To safeguard and work for the social, intellectual, spiritual and material advancement of its members;
C. To undertake developmental activities for the general welfare of the members and organization as a whole to effectively provide services to the communities and to the country;
D. To adhere and internalize the enduring core values of love of God. Respect for the women and the sanctity of marriage, responsible domination and stewardship over material things and the Wisdom of truthfulness



Section 1. The following may qualify for membership in the Organization:
A. Any Filipino man or woman, at least 21 years old of age of good moral characters, of sound mind and body, is gainfully employed or has a lawful means of livelihood, and has not been convicted in a court of law, may qualify for membership.
B. Officers, non-commissioned officers, reservist and civilian personnel of the AFP, PNP, NAPOLCOM, BJMP, BFP and other police units organized by the government institution are qualified to apply for membership.
C. Those who, at the time of the adoption of the constitution and by laws, are members of the Diablo squad crime busters, GBI GPI, GCFI, PGBI and other guardians, who wish to be admitted pursuant to the provisions of the constitution of the by laws
Section 2. In order for the qualified applicant to be admitted as full pledge members, he/she must undergo the following:
A. He must be a must member for a period of four (4) months. During this period he must able to undergo a series of indoctrination by means of seminars regarding the organization and its constitution and by laws.
B. After behind a mass member, qualified applicants would become probationary members
for another 4 months. In this period, he must understand and must be able to all the important details about the organization. It is also compulsory for all members to participate in any civic actions organized by the organization.
C. All qualified probationary members would become full pledge members after a period of four (4) months. However, he/she must be able to pass the necessary requirements as prescribed by the Organization

• He/she must pass the written and oral examination given by the Screening committee
• He/she must be able to comply with all the documents asked of him/her.
• He/she must be able to participate in the traditional reception as mandated by the

Section 3. A member shall have the following rights

A. To exercise the right to vote or to be represented in any vote on all matters concerning the / affairs of the organization.
B. To be eligible for an elective or appointive office
C. To participate in all meetings/deliberations of the Organization
D. To avail of the facilities, properties of the organization
E. To examine all the records or books of the Organization during business hours.
F. To be part of the benefit from any and all welfare programs or funds that the Organization may put up.

Section 4. Every member shall have the following duties and responsibilities
A. To obey and comply with constitution and By Laws and all the rules and regulation that the organization may promulgate from time to time.
B. To pay the membership dues and other assessments
C. To speak well of the organization and contribute to its membership development by recommending qualified application belonging to his/her category.
D. To inform the officers or national office of any violation of the Organization By-Laws of rules and regulation which may be detrimental to the well-being and reputation. Together with proper document.
E. To inform the chapter officers of the national office of any observation, news or event that might constitute a threat to the nation and! or of the organization.

Section 5. Honorary membership may be conferred upon any person to distinguished service to country, community, humanity or to the organization by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of its Board of Directors of a majority vote of a quorum in the General Assembly

Section 6. A member who committed violations in connection with the constitution and by-laws, non-compliance of his/her obligation and duties, or any act against the state or established laws shall be subjected to sanctions equivalent to his/her violation. His/her chapter, the national Executive Office, or the National Tribunal shall be responsible in meting sanctions equivalent to any violation.A proceeding maybe initiated against a member by any member, his/her Chapter, The National Executive Office, or the National Tribunal depending on the nature and gravity of the offenses.A Chapter, through the initiative of another chapter, can be investigated and the National Executive Office or the National Tribunal itself would be responsible in rendering judgment. However, a Chapter that is judge can appeal only to the General Assembly.



Section 1. Disciplinary action — Any member or officer who are conducting any activities that contrary to the constitution and by-laws, rules and regulation of the organization shall be subject for a disciplinary action or expulsion. All administrative complaints shall be filed before the national commission, and to be heard and decided by the National Tribunal.
Section 2. Grounds for disciplinary action — Any member may be suspended or expelled and stripped his membership and all benefits or privileges due him/her shall be denied under any of the following grounds;

a) Non payment of monthly dues and other assessments for three (3) consecutive months
b) Non payment of fines imposed upon him/her one after the same is ordered final and executory by the authorities concerned.
c) Failure despite notice to attend w/out sufficient cause as may be determined by the executive -office or by the national commission concerned, for three (3) consecutive monthly or special meeting of the organization.
d) Other serious infractions or violation of any provision of the constitution and by laws and other similar rule and regulation of the organizations after final findings thereof by the disciplinary officers concerned.

Section 3. Other grounds for disciplinary action.

a) Abuse of authority
b) Neglect of duty
c) Notoriety
d) Negligence
e) Misconduct
t) Dishonesty -
g) Gross incompetence
h) Conviction of crime involving moral turpitude
i) Insubordination
j) Improper or unauthorized solicitation of contribution or donation
k) Disgraceful and immoral conduct
I) Conduct prejudicial or inimical to the general interest of the organization

Section 4. Penalties — The following penalties may be imposed upon any erring officers and members:

a) Expulsion — for serious and grave offenses
b) Suspension — For less serious and less grave offenses
c) Fine/admonition/warning-for light offenses
Section 5. Form of complaint — any complaint against any member or officer shall be made in writing and verified under oath before an officers authorized to administer oath and properly file pursuant to- section 1 hereof.
Section 6. Appeal — All decision, except those made by natural- executive office whose decision is immediately final and executory, shall be appealable within a period of (3 0)thirty days from receipt by the appealing party, to the higher executive office which shall decide the same within a period of (60) sixty days upon receipt hereof.



Section 1. Members of the Organization shall recognize the following ranks:

A. Grand Master Founder Godfather (GMIFGF) — There is only one Grand Master Founder. He was the prime architect of the precursor organization and has been the prime mover of the Guardians through the years. He remains the ceremonial head of the GUARDIANS. He is no other than GMFGF Leborio “ABRAHAM” Jangao, Jr.
B. Deputy Grand Master Founder
C. Founder Pioneer — These are the 10 other visionaries who joined the Grand Master Founder in the original Diablo Squad
D. Master Founder
E. Founders (F) — Composed of senior members of the organization coming from the ranks of Senior Ranking Magic Group (SRMG) in the case of Magic Group: Godfather/Godmother (GF/GM) in the case of uniformed personnel of the AFP, PNP, BJMP, BFP with at least (5) five years of active membership, of good standing and have established or organized local chapter and shall supervise all initiation rites within the chapter.
F. Supreme Godfather (SGF) or Supreme Godmother (SGM) Composed of commissioned officers of the AFP, PNP, BJMP and BFP.
G. Senior Ranking Magic Group (SRMG) - One rank higher than the Ranking Magic Group. It is the rank signify that any SRMG will upgrade to become Founder pursuant to Article V Sec. 2 and Article VIII Sec. 2(D.)
H. Ranking Magic Group (RMG) Equivalent in rank to the Godfather/Godmother (GF/GM) is composed of selected civilian members who are professionals or have been elected to the government office and or respected leaders of the community who have rendered exemplary performance, and with at least (3) three years membership coming from the ranks of the Magic Group.
I. Magic Group (MG) — Composed of civilian members with an educational of at least High School education, or those possessing special skill and know-how who are willing to render service to the Organization.
J. Godfather(GF)/Godmother(GM) — is composed of ranking non-commissioned officers of the AFP, PNP, BJMP, BFP with an equivalent rank of Deputy Sergeant coming from the ranks.
Section 2. Promotion to the ranks of founder (F), Supreme Godfather/Supreme Godmother (SGF/SGM), Ranking Magic Group (RMG), Godfather/Godmother (GF/GM), Senior Ranking Magic Group (SRMG), Founder Senior Ranking Magic Group (FSRMG) shall be subject for approval of the National Tribunal as recommended by the National Executive Office. The local chapter shall initiate the recommendation with the unanimous vote of its board and endorsed by the regional chapter.
Section 3. All full-pledge members must undergo marking or tattooing not for decorative purposes but to signify their lifelong and total commitment to the Organization and what it stand for. It symbolizes both and responsibilities, aside from serving as an identifying mark. It also serves the purpose of those who are not ready to give their full sincerity to the Organization.

A. General Marking:
MG - Magic Group
B - (Blue) Phil. Anny
A - (Air) Phil. Air Force
N - (Navy) Phil. Navy
G - (Gold) PNP, BJMP, BFP
M - (Maroon) Phil. Marines
B. Special Markings:
F - Founder
FSRMG - Founder senior ranking magic group
SGF - Supreme Godfather
SGM - Supreme Godmother
SRMG - Senior Ranking Magic Group
RMG - Ranking Magic Group

For Civilian Member For Organic Member
C. All members shall be correspondingly marked with tattoo on the superior area between thumb and forefinger of the right hand with letters corresponding with the above
D. To easily identify the member’s area of origin or membership, the letter marking GLB (for Luzon), GVB (for Visayas), and GMB (for Mindanao) shall be marked on the superior area between thumb and forefinger of the left hand.
E. Marking forming a triangle shall be put on the lateral extremity of the upper right arm just below the shoulder. The word GUARDIANS or MAGIC GROUP shall form the sides of the triangle. The member’s pseudonym shall form the base side of the triangle. Inside shall be mark the letter “G” for civilian member and “L” for organic members, the year, the marking was made shall be tattooed over the triangle.
Section 4. In case there will be change of status of classification, the members shall be marked with the appropriate tattoo in the line with original mark for all promotion for Founder which shall be on the top of the original mark.
Section 5. When one is admitted as a full pledge member of the organization, he/she shall assume a name, surname or nickname — by which he/she shall hence be known and address to by fellow GUARDIANS. However,
A. The concerned shall have the prime option in the choose of pseudonym. If he has none, the highest-ranking member of the marking session shall propose a pseudonym, subject to member’s acceptance.
Section 6. An Officer in the Organization, there shall be no obstacle to an open, free and honest interaction among members. Therefore, in any guardians affairs or interaction, each members or officers should disregard his/her military or police rank, civilian distinction of office, profession, occupation, I~ economic clout or social standing, for the purpose of achieving cohesion among members. However, to maintain proper decorum in all activities of the Organization, the position of the Grand Master Founder, Founders, SGF, SGM, RMG, GF/GM, and MG shall be acknowledged accordingly.
Section 7. All bonafide members must sign an Oath of Allegiance or Panunumpa.
Section 8. The national office shall adopt for ratification a “Code of Conduct and ethical standards” and “Manual Procedure, Rites and Standards.”



Section 1. The organization has only one accredited Sectoral Group, the Citizen Monitoring Force. The sectoral group shall be the one directly responsible in recruiting members to the organization.

Section 2. The Organization structure, nomenclature and operation of local, provincial and regional chapters shall be patterned after that of the National Organization, subject to chapter particular need stand situation, and as far as membership qualification and other resources will allow.

Section 3. Upon adoption of this Constitution and By-laws, all the various chapter shall review their organization and operations in order to align with the national organization.

Section 4. A “Manual of Duties, responsibilities and Authority of Officers” shall be adopted as a uniform guideline for all chapters including the national office.



Section 1. The national President of the Organization shall appoint a National Force Commander who shall be the one to oversee the daily operations of the Citizen Monitoring Force.

Section 2. The National Force Commander shall also be the one in appointing Officers for the following:

A. The basic unit of the Organization shall be the LOCAL CHAPTER, which maybe on the City, Municipality or Barangay level.
B. All local chapter in subject area shall constitute the provincial chapter.
C. All Province chapters in a subject area shall constitute the Regional Chapter.
Section 4. The national organization of the Guardians Republican International Inc. Shall function along three (3) main divisions.

A. The National Executive Office or NEXO shall be the executive branch.
B. The National Commission or NC shall be the legislative branch.
C. The National Tribunal or NT shall be the judicial branch.



Section 1. The National Executive Office shall be composed of the following positions:

• National President
• National Vice President for Administration
• National Vice President for Operation
• National Secretary General
• National Secretary for Personnel
• National Secretary for Operation
• National Secretary for Intelligence
• National Secretary for Appointment
• National Secretary for Logistics
• National Secretary for Audit
• National Secretary for Finance National Secretary for Justice
• National Secretary for Public Relation
• National Secretary for Media
• National Secretary for Election

Section 2. The National President

A. He/she shall be the chief executive officers of the organization.
B. He/she shall preside in all meeting of the association and the board of trustees.
C. He/she shall direct the over-all activities of the organization
D. He/she has the power to an outright promotion or upgrading of officers and members only to those newly established chapter of guardians republican international inc. However any outright promotion of upgrading of officers and members can be done through the presence of at least four members of the national executive office.
E. He /she shall have the power of absolute *Suspension/Ousted of members and officers *Termination of current position and designation *Dissolving of all chapter from the regional, provincial, municipal and barangay level.
F. He/she shall be elected by the chapter’s representatives. In the general assembly for a term of (3) three years Subject to re-election.

Section 3. The National Vice President for Administration (NVPA)

A. He/she shall perform the duties of the vice president during the absences or incapacity or resignation of the letter and shall perform duties that maybe assigned by the board of trustees.
B. He/she shall be concurrent vice-chairman of the national board of directors and shall be the national president’s alternate co signor for all check and other financial instrument of transactions
C. He/she shall be elected by the chapters representatives in the general assembly for a term of (3) three years subject for re-election

Section 3. The National Vice President for Operation (NVPO)

A. He/she shall assist the national president on all operational matters
B. He/she shall be elected by the chapters representatives in the general assembly for a term of (3) three years subject for re-election
Section 5. The National Secretary General (NSG)
A. The National Secretary General shall be the general secretary of the NEXO and the national board, and shall be the headquarters secretariat.
B. He/she shall record all meeting of the national executive office and the national board.
C. He/she shall prepare the annual report of the general assembly, subject to the directors and approval or the national president
D. He/shall be the principal custodian of corporate documents or instrument, including the official dry seal of the organization.
E. He/she shall take care of issuing notice of board meeting and the preparation of official communication from the NEXO and the national board.
F. He/she shall be appointed by the national president and shall serve for at least (2) two years subject for re-appointment

Section 6. The National Secretary for Personnel (NSP)

A. He/she shall be the deputy secretary general
B. He/she shall assist the national secretary general in a meeting of the NEXO
C. He/she shall also perform all such other duties and work (such as signatories for all operation identification card) as the board of trustees may from time to time assign to him/her
D. He/she shall be appointed by the National President and~shal1 served for at least (2) two years subject for re-appointment

Section 7. National Secretary for Operation (NSOp)

A. He/she shall assist the national secretary general in all operational matters.
B. He/she shall be appointed by the National President and shall served for at least (2) two years subject for re-appointment

Section 8. The National Secretary for Intelligence (NSI)

A. He/she shall confidentially perform the duty that maybe assign by the national president in monitoring such members and officers offenses, and any other related matters including background investigation of the officers and members.
B. He/she shall be appointed by the National President and shall served for at least (2) two years subject for re-appointment

Section 9. The National Secretary for Appointment (NSA)

A. He/ she shall coordinate with the national secretary for intelligence in conducting such information regarding the availability and eligibility of members and officers to such position and designation.
B. He/she shall submit and certify that any members and officers are in good standing, noted by the national president.
C. He/she shall be appointed by the National President and shall served for at least (2) two years subject for re-appointment

Section 10. National Secretary for Logistics (NSL)

A. He/she shall responsible in keeping and safety of all properties (materials, equipments etc.) including the national Headquarters cleanliness and orderliness.
B. He/she shall be appointed by the National President and shall served for at least (2) two years subject for re-appointment

Section 11. Secretary for Finance (NSF)

A. He/shall be charge of the funds, receipts and disbursement of the organization, the same shall be counter signed by the national president
B. He /she shall keep all moneys and other valuables of the organization in such banks as the Board of Trustees may designate.
C. He/she shall post a bond in such amount as may be fixed by the Board of Trustees.
D. He/she shall be appointed by the National President and shall served for at least (2) two years subject for re-appointment
12. National Secretary for Audit (NSAud)
A. He/she shall audit all the funds of the organization from time to time.
B. He/she shall be the principal signatory of all checks and other financial instrument transactions
C. He/she shall certify the record of the financial reports that may be submitted to organization.
D. He/she shall advise the national president on financial condition of the organization and recommend cost-saving measures.
E. He/she shall be appointed by the National President and shall served for at least (2) two years subject for re-appointment

Section 13. National Secretary for Justice (NSJ)

A. He/she shall refer all question affecting the organization for the justice and the administrative disciplinary measures of the organization.
B. He/she shall act as judge during trials of any officers and members who committed personal and administrative offense.
C. He/she shall be appointed by the National President and shall served for at least (2) two years subject for re-appointment

Section 14. National Secretary for Public Relation (NSPR)

A. He/she shall be the official spokesman of the organization.
B. He/she shall be responsible for the image building of the organization.
C. He/she shall screen all press and media releases.
D. He/she shall be appointed by the National President and shall served for at least (2) two years subject for re-appointment

Section 15. National Secretary for Media (NSM)

A. He/she shall be responsible for exposing images to the public pertaining the well being of the organization.
B. He/she shall be responsible for advertisement, endorsement, printing of materials of the organization.
C. He/she shall be appointed by the National President and shall served for at least (2) two years subject for re-appointment

Section 16. National Secretary for Election (NSE)

A. He/she shall promulgate rules and regulations in the conducting of election, pass upon the qualification of candidates, supervise the conduct of the election, canvass and certify in writing the returns to the presiding officers proclaim the winning candidates and shall decide election protest. -
B. He/she shall be appointed by the Nation President and shall served for at least (2) two years subject for re-appointment



Section 1. Past elective government officials, past national commander, past national officers and past chapter officers shall constitute the national commission of Guardians Republican International Inc.
The National Commission shall compose of:

• National Commissioner
• Deputy National Commissioner
• Commission Secretary
• Nine (9) commissioners

Section 2. The National Commission appointed by the National President for a term of
(2) two years subject for re-appointment. All the other members of the National Commission, appointed by the NationalCommissioner, will subject for approval of the National President.

Section 3. The National Commission, acting as the organization’s legislative body, shall perform the functions among other.

A. Enforcement and administration rules and regulation, investigation and prosecution of all offenses in violation of the constitution, infraction of existing rule and regulation shall be exercise all other function and maybe conferred upon it by the organization.
B. Manuals are:

* Code of Conduct and Ethical Standard
* Manual of Marking Procedures, Rites and Standard
* Duties, Responsibilities and Duties of Officers (local and national) Format, logos and symbols, terms and nomenclature.
C. Propose amendments to the by-laws and regulation, codes and manuals.
D. Keep track or monitor compliance with the by-laws rules and regulation codes and manuals by GR11’s officers and members.

Section 4. The (9) nine commissioners may each appoint an executive assistant with the approval of the national commissioner. However, these appointed commissioners assistants will not be considered as officers. They shall only function for purposes of executive development.

Section 5. The National Commission shall meet at least once a month, with the National President and the (2) two National Vice Presidents as ex-office members.



Section 1. National Tribunal shall compose of the following:

• National Tribune
• Deputy National Tribune
• Chief of Staff
• Nine (9) Tribunes

Section 2. Founders, Supremos/Supremas, FSRMG, SRMG, RMG, GF and GM are qualifying as members of the National Tribunal.

Section 3. The National Tribune will be appointed by the National President. All the other members of the National Tribunal will be selected by the National tribune with the confirmation by the National President.

Section 4. As the organization’s judicial body, the National tribunal shall sit en bane or divisional in judgment over cases, issues or concerns that may be brought to it or may judge concerning the following:

A. Possible expulsion of officers and members.
B. Possible cancellation of CMF chapter’s recognition as member chapter of GRIE-CMF
C. Issues or cases which the National Office fails to solve or when the resolutions are appealed after decisions were made.
D. Non-compliance with or utter disregard of member/s of its by-laws, Guidelines, acts against the state and unauthorized action or pronouncements of members that put the organization in an unattainable situation.



Section 1. Election of the National President, National Vice President for Administration and the
National Vice President for Operation shall be held during General Assembly which shall be held every (3) three years on every 24th of July.
Section 2. Appointment for local Provincial and Regional Chapters shall be held annually no later the end of December unless amended by the National Commission.
Section 3. Candidates for the National Commission must have been at least a supreme godfather/godmother, Founders, Regional Force Commander, Regional executive officers, Commissioner or Tribune provided that the Tribune is in active or retired from the service.



Section 1. The one time membership fee shall be P300.00 or as may set hereafter by the National Executive Office. Any chapters wishing to charge a higher Membership fee must secure approval by the National Executive Office.
Section 2. Two-third (2/3) of the membership fee shall be remitted immediately to the National Executive Office. No application for membership shall be acted upon unless the membership fee has been paid in Full and the National’s share remitted to the National Headquarters.

Section 3. Every member of the Organization shall pay the following:

A. One time membership fee — P 300.00
B. Monthly dues - P 50.00 for the National Officers
C. Monthly dues - P 30.00 for all Chapters
The local chapter shall retain 70% of the monthly dues collected, and shall remit the remaining 30% as follows semi-annually.
5% to the Provincial Chapter
10% to the Regional Chapter
15% to the National Executive Office

Section 4. The National Sectoral Group, CMF, shall remit an annual fee of P 1500.00 to the National Executive Office to the adoption of this Constitution and by-laws, regardless of membership strength or years of experience. CMF shall, however, determine the membership fee and annual dues they shall require of their members.

Section 5. Any and all assessments on members amounting to more than P 50.00 must have the approval Board of Directors of the concerned chapter and the National executive office must be informed accordingly.

Section 6. Failure of any member to pay his/her annual or monthly dues within the year shall constitute a valid ground for suspension of membership and all privileges and benefits accruing there to. Only settlement of all arrears and upon approval by the National Executive Office can a suspension be lifted upon.

Section 7. Non-remittance of the National share of Membership fee or Annual Dues shall constitute a valid ground for disciplinary action against a local chapter or sectoral group, including but not limited to forfeiture of rights to voted upon, or appointed to higher office.

Section 8. Failure of a local chapter to remit the monthly dues share of the provincial chapter, Regional chapter and the National Executive Office shall disqualify its members from any elective or appointive position in the National Executive Office and the chapter may subjected for suspension or other sanctions.

The National Executive Office, National Commission, National Tribune